ICON Lab is primarily focused on discovering the structure, characteristics, and evolution of criminal networks. In addition, the ICON Lab conducts additional research that aids Criminal Justice research.
  • Systematic Social Observations Of An Offender’s Journey To Crime

    The rise of geographic information systems have contributed significantly to the development of crime pattern theory and the routine activities perspective. However, 2D maps do not account for observational factors that can contribute to offending. This study conducts a systematic social observation of the theoretical journey to crime for a sample of property crime offenders… [Continue Reading]

    Systematic Social Observations Of An Offender’s Journey To Crime
  • The Network of Criminological Thought

    The time series map video and the sociogram of betweenness centrality image can be viewed here. In addition, other sociograms images can be viewed below. This is a work in progress, the theorists and links were last updated November 2013. Further information on the project can be found here. Time Series Map All links as… [Continue Reading]

    The Network of Criminological Thought
  • Dr. Aili Malm

    Dr. Malm’s research interests center on the intersection between policing and social policy. She is interested in the assessment and evaluation of policing strategies and intelligence; integrating empirical evidence and theory to inform social policy; and the effect that policing has on individuals, communities, and society. In this capacity, her research requires an ability to… [Continue Reading]

    Dr. Aili Malm
  • Dr. Rebbeca Nash

    Becky’s research interests center on white-collar crime, terrorism in general and home-grown terrorism in specific, and the application of new and upcoming methods for the application of counter-terrorist measures. Her research in these areas has an overarching focus on applications in social network analysis, quantitative and qualitative research methods, and program evaluation. Becky’s doctoral dissertation… [Continue Reading]

    Dr. Rebbeca Nash
  • Criminological discovery: Understanding theoretical development with Social Network Analysis

      After reading Cullen, Johnson, Myer, Adler (2011) and Laub’s (1983) work on the origins of criminological theory, we were inspired to create a database of criminological theorists and theories to statistically understand the emergence and growth of criminology.  Using Social Network Analysis, this novel method will provide a visual, descriptive, and statistical representation of… [Continue Reading]

    Criminological discovery: Understanding theoretical development with Social Network Analysis

Friends of ICON Lab

ICON Lab collaborates with variety of academic institutions, including universities located throughout Southern California. In addition, because illicit networks are a global issue we also partner with international academic institutions. Read more...

ICON Lab at INW 5

The goal of this event is to maximize meaningful and on-going cooperation among researchers working on various forms of crime and security issues from a network perspective. Download summary report.

ICON Lab at ASC 69

From November 20-23, The Illicit Connections Opaque Networks Lab is proud to be at the American Society of Criminology 69th Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. Read more...